The most common criticism of alkaline diets – and by extension, a high-quality alkaline powder like Racing Greens – is the perception that they can’t change the body’s pH value.

We agree. And we’d never claim they could. The body will maintain the pH value at the same level no matter what you do, whatever you eat. So what’s the benefit of an alkaline diet? It supports your body in maintaining this balance, minimising the stress of regulating your pH.

This stress is brought on with a typical Western acidic diet, which is high in sugar, refined carbohydrates and certain dairy products.

And it’s this stress that damages the body. This is why the vast majority of illnesses, diseases and conditions are attributed to our diet.


This is why it’s essential to get as much of the power of greens as we can. And although it would be almost impossible to sit down to a meal and eat 14 pounds (the weight of some road bikes) of green vegetables, fruits and grasses, you can get the same benefits with just one scoop of Racing Greens.

The bottom line is that by drinking your daily Racing Greens, you’ll be getting ALL of your nutritional needs, and dramatically reducing the stress on your body of maintaining its pH balance. On top of that, it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich to further support your high-performance lifestyle.

And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s delicious. Buy now or order a free sample today, and get yourself on the road to a better-balanced body.


Mix one heaped measuring spoon of RACING GREENS in a glass of water, juice or your favourite smoothie.


% Reference Intake based on the requirements of a 2000 kcal /8400 kJ diet for adults.* Compliant with the FIC Regulation 1169/2011, protein is calculated as (nitrogen *6.25), including nitrogen from added free amino acids. % Reference Intake based on the requirements of a 2000kcal / 8400 kJ diet for adults.


Barley Grass powder (Hordeum vulgare L.), Arabic gum powder, Fruit & Greens extract, Apple fibre, Wheat bran (Gluten), Spiruline powder (.), Chlorella pyrenoidosa, Natural flavor, Acerola Fruit (Malpighia glabra), Acidity regulator (Citric acid), Lactobacillus sporogenes Bacillus coagulans), Digestive enzyme complex, Green tea leaves dry extract (Camellia sinensis), Policosanol complex, Sodium chloride.