Like you, we love cycling. It’s a great way to not only keep fit, but also to enjoy that perfect balance between excitement and relaxation.

And to make sure you’re getting the most of your time in the saddle, it’s important to get another balance right – the pH balance in your body, which is crucial for maximum power throughout the ride and minimum recovery time afterwards.

That’s why we’ve formulated all-natural Racing Greens especially for cyclists.


It’s a convenient and delicious way to get the raw materials your body needs to power your cells, and consequently your entire body. The principle is simple – to provide the alkaline needed to counter the harm done by the largely acidic typical Western diet. No wonder it’s used by professional cycling teams.

Racing Greens are a scientifically – proven way to restore the balance. It hasn’t only been lab tested by scientists, but also road tested by cyclists who swear by it – check these testimonials.

Order Racing Greens today and you’ll soon be enjoying the daily benefits of 14 pounds of green vegetables, fruits and grasses, in a great-tasting powder which can be added to water, juice or your favourite smoothie.)

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